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Software House Lab is a top-notch multi-purpose software house focused to set new trends and targets in the IT world. Our team has a wealth of experience in dynamic, static CDN web development Skill. We have contributed our talent to making several web application projects. Get best design ideas. We provide professional logo Designer to design cool custom logo design services for our clients. Software House Lab has top-level experienced Web Developer since 2010. Software House Lab possessing diverse experience in the fields of web designing & development, graphic designing, Logo designing, PHP development, WordPress development and reputation managment.
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6 Reasons to Choose Software House Lab

Experienced professionals

Software House Lab developed a satisfactory reputation in more than 10 years of financial and quality strength, the ability to respond appropriately and quickly, to the opportunities in the marketplace.

Quality of Service

SHL experts supervise the staff to deliver quality services to our clients as per the commitment. From this platform, you can increase your business reach to your target audience.


A tough challenge faces by an organization is to identify and meet the compliance of its product with the requirements of its targeted market. Our professionals help you to achieve milestones.

Standards and Credibility

The reputation of our company depends highly on our work concentration and hence, guarantees that our customers hold their security and privacy setting benchmarks over the rest.

Positive Attitude

A powerful history of honesty, integrity, positive attitude, and fruitful performances on the behalf of our clients.

Competent Marketing Approach

Our expert staff is proactive, in the context of creating trust and honor in business communication with our customers.

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A Full Range of Web Services

Web Development

We promote and sponsor unique web development ideas, which are turned into self-revenue-generating websites.
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Graphic Designing

At Software House Lab, we creates the graphics primarily for published, printed or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising.
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Android Development

Software House adjusts itself to new and innovative ideas in the IT industry to assist its clients (agents and business people) by offering value-added programs.
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AJAX Development

AJAX Development is a group of interrelated client- and server-side development technologies that allows parts of a webpage to be updated without having to reload the entire page.

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PSD to HTML Expert

Use the slice tool to divide our clients’s website’s imagery and then export it for the web.


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Wordpress Development

Software House is the one where we can develop custom plugins and modules for WordPress. We also develop a wp theme for our clients.
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Our primary mission is to innovate, develop and prepare adaptable, profitable and all-inclusive services to our relevant business group.

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